Welcome to the Kauai Love Shack.

If Kauai is your honeymoonwish or wedding dream, or maybe well deserved family vacation; you will be  delighted to experience this locations authentic tropical splendor, just looking out your window.  Once outside you find yourself immersed in your dream.

When visiting this lush beautiful island, you will discover the many natural, unique features in this tranquil paradise. Many people say the word is over used, but it is befitting of Kauai!

Awake to a spectacular sunrise as you hear the morning melodies of the song birds and smell the sweet fragrance of tropical flowers outside your window.

The sounds of the ocean lapping on the shore line; calling you to the beach and coffee.  Just a short sandy stroll to our pick #1, Coffee house on island, located next to the Hanalei Colony Resort and Mediterranean Gourmet.


5 Star Luxury~Snorkel~ Private
Ocean and Mt. View